STANLIB named best provider of short-term investments and money market funds in Africa 2017


Global Finance Magazine recently announced STANLIB as the highest ranking regional winner in its seventeenth annual Best Treasury and Cash Management Banks and Providers Awards.

STANLIB was considered best in the African region measured against profitability, market share and reach, customer service, competitive pricing, product innovation and the extent to which it has successfully differentiated itself from competitors around core service provision.

Cash management is the cornerstone of STANLIB’s Fixed Interest business and accounts for approximately 24% of the total South African money market industry (R98.2 billion). “Today in investments, everything is connected. Like money market funds, and the government policies that influence them. Understanding these connections is the difference between profit and loss. That’s why STANLIB has the largest market share in the South African Money Market space,” says Henk Viljoen, co-head of STANLIB’s fixed-interest business.

“Successful investing depends on being able to see and understand the bigger, interconnected picture. Winning this award is a testament to STANLIB’s commitment to this promise and a milestone in our journey becoming the leading asset manager in Africa and other emerging markets” says STANLIB CEO Seelan Gobalsamy.

Global Finance regularly selects the top performers among banks and other providers of financial services. The editorial board uses a multi-tiered assessment process to select winners, which includes market and independent research, input from industry analysts, corporate executives and technology experts.