Teach your clients new tricks. Starting with saving their best friends life.


A trip to the local vet is going to cost your clients at least R1 000, even more if a couple of blood tests are done and medication is prescribed. What if things are a little tight and this is an unexpected, expensive medical bill?

Oneplan Pet Insurance has a unique value proposition centered on smart claiming and consumers’ real needs. The Onecard allows clients to preload funds for vet visits via the app or by calling the helpline. Vet bills will not be a concern when trying to get pets fit and healthy again.

This is how to works

There are four plans, ranging from the Smart Accident plan, an accident-only cover to the Super Pet Plan with all the bells and whistles.

The immediate preloaded fund benefits are available on the Classic and Super plans. These plans have healthcare cover benefits like vet visits and routine care, which are credited directly to the Onecard within minutes, allowing clients to settle immediately.

Preloading a transactional card you can use to swipe at your vet is a smart idea. Think about the usual claims process. You would have to pay the veterinary practice, then scan the invoice and email it to your pet insurer. If the insurer is on the ball, your claim gets settled a week later. This is all avoidable when you have a Oneplan Pet Policy.

This is what we cover

Oneplan offers four pet plans:

  • Accident-only – R55 per month
  • Hospital plan – R142 per month
  • Classic plan (includes vet visits and routine care) – R278 per month
  • Super plan (includes vet visits and routine care) – R 390 per month

Each plan has different cover limits and covers a range of events.

Oneplan has structured its premiums to offer discounts to clients who have more than one pet on a policy. This is calculated on a tiered basis, enabling clients to add up to eight pets on their policy.

Oneplan offers quality pet insurance that is smart and easy to use. For more information on the breakdown of plans, visit www.oneplan.co.za/plans/petlanding