Tia and Willis advance insurance pricing


Tia Technology has joined forces with Willis Towers Watson to be able to optimise solutions for its customers – it is integrating Willis’s insurance rating software, Radar Live, with its own insurance core system, improving real-time pricing and time to market for insurance companies.

Radar Live has enabled a wide range of analytics to be deployed in real time at point of sale, facilitating price agility for existing products and expediting time to market for new products.

Integrating the two systems will allow users to take full advantage of both the Tia and Radar Live systems. Radar Live captures all pricing and underwriting rules, creates sophisticated pricing algorithms, and transfers rates to Tia’s product engine almost instantly.

“By providing a standard integration, the integration costs are minimal compared to the upfront and maintenance costs of an in-house integration project. Our collaboration with Willis Towers Watson will help Tia customers using Radar Live keep their competitive edge as the industry evolves. We look forward to a successful partnership,” says Tia COO Anders Rosenbeck.