Twenty years of being GameON

Conference update


How do you take your game to the next level?

Ask any athlete, and they’ll tell you a key to meeting and exceeding your personal best and moving to the next level is reframing your challenges and continuing to inch them up – continually stretching your comfort zone. It’s the same for any company.

This year PSG Konsult is twenty years old and part of its success has resulted from not becoming complacent and continuing to look for growth opportunities. The company has come a long way since its origins as an accounting firm; branching out into financial advice in 1998. Today, PSG Konsult is South Africa’s largest network of independent financial advisers with more than 208 adviser offices, and both a Mauritian and a Namibian presence.

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Asset management

Total assets under administration have grown to R193 billion, comprising managed assets of PSG Wealth and PSG Asset Management of R157 billion and R36 billion respectively – as reported in the Group’s Interim Results, August 2017.

PSG’s annual conference this year will be taking the theme of GameON, recognising that continued success will require that the firm continues to look for growth opportunities that encourage it to stretch its comfort zone.

More than that, any team player will tell you that success is a joint effort. In PSG’s case it is no different – success is born at the intersection of suitable advice and sound products which align to truly address client needs.

PSG’s annual conference is an opportunity for advisers from across South Africa and Namibia to connect, strategise and return to their respective regions re-energised and focused on meeting the next big challenge.

International insight

The 20th conference represents a milestone, and PSG has invested in bringing out three international speakers who will arm its advisers, and all attending delegates, with fresh perspectives that will allow them to see the bigger picture and add value to their clients.

These include Tim Harford, the undercover economist; digital experience and global wealth marketing strategist April Rudin; and behavioural analyst Brian Parsley.

The annual, by-invitation-only conference takes place at Sun City from 9 to 11 May 2018.  Looking forward to meeting you there!